1. Are you a music download website?

We are not a music download website. We are a bootstrapped startup (read – music labels will not be willing to even talk to us) and we are honest (read – we don’t like pirated stuff).

2. How will you help me discover music?

We will help you discover music through a recommendation engine. There are a few ways our recommendation engine will work. Here are a couple:

  • We are cataloging a bunch of musical attributes for a bunch of songs. If you tell us that you like a particular song, our guess is that you will like other songs with similar attributes.
  • If your ratings of songs match the ratings of the same songs by a different user, our guess is that you may like other songs the other user likes.

3. What kind of songs will you be recommending?

Our goal is to cover all songs with an India connection (created in India, created by Indians, songs with Indian music influences). Obviously this is a very large and challenging task. So we will start with a smaller set and grow over time. We are starting with Bollywood music because – a) it generates the most interest, b) it is the easiest set to deal with in terms of availability. However, one of our objectives is to help music lovers move beyond Bollywood and we will stay committed to this objective. To find out more about our point of view on the Indian music scene, check out our blog. Here are a couple of posts that best represent our viewpoint – Indian Music Needs A Kick In The Butt,  Is Bollywood Overdose Killing Indian Music.

4. When are you launching?

We are launching in early November but you can sign-up right away at MySwar.